“Opening Doors”

2018 Capital Campaign Information

Campaign Objectives:

  1. To receive 3-year commitments, over and above regular giving, to go towards the principal and elimination of our construction debt.

  2. To receive commitments to fully fund our 2019 annual ministry budget.

  3. For every Quail Springs member to experience growth in their own personal discipleship (following of Jesus Christ) by prayerfully engaging in the practice of sacrificial giving.

“Lord what do You want to do through me?’

What can I do to help?

PRAY — As part of the Quail Springs United Methodist Church family, you will receive several communications about the Opening Doors campaign during the coming months. We ask that you begin to pray for guidance seeking God’s will during this crucial time for our church. As you pray, it is our hope that God will reveal to you what your part to play will in the campaign. When praying, reflect on our campaign prayer, “Lord, what do You want to do through me?” 

PRAISE — Praise God for the blessings God has given to you and to others through Quail Springs United Methodist Church. Praise God for the current ministries and the potential for new ministries as a result of this campaign and what it will be making possible. Praise God for lives of those that are currently being impacted and those yet to come.  

PLAN — The Opening Doors Campaign Team is prayerfully planning for the future of our church. Each member of our church family is invited to plan and pray in order to seek God’s guidance. Plan to be involved. Plan your calendar around the special events that are designed to provide information and celebrate this campaign. And, plan to be a part of the future God desires at and through Quail Springs United Methodist Church.


Join us on October 28th for Celebration for Outreach!

Combined Morning Worship @ 9:45 am l Feed The Funnel Mission for All Ages @ 11:00 am l Lunch @ 12:30 pm

Come in… together we’ll go out to serve.

Are you ready to “Open the Doors” with us? Make a 3 year commitment to our capital campaign today. Send the capital campaign committee an email to openingdoors@qsumc.org to get started.