Are you, or someone you know, looking to take the next step in your walk with God? Do you desire to dig deeper into your faith? Then consider joining us on Wednesday, October 25th - November 15th as we continue our Fall Discipleship programs!

  • 6:35-8:00pm - Bible Study Classes for adults, youth, and children
  • Adult Bible Study descriptions below
  • Child care available
  • RSVP by clicking the "Sign Up Today" button below, completing a sign up sheet in the Narthex, or call Linda in the church office!

"Forgiveness: Finding Peace Through Letting Go"

Led by Rev. Kris Tate

There is nothing more crippling than holding on to anger. Anger, more than any other emotion, has the power to consume all aspects of our lives, distort our sense of purpose, and destroy our relationship with God.  In this study, we will explore the revelation that comes when we realize forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves rather than to someone else; that when we learn to forgive others and ourselves can we truly receive forgiveness from God and begin to fully experiences the relationships God desires for all of us.

The book, Forgiveness: Finding Peace Through Letting Go by Rev. Adam Hamilton, is required for the class.


"Crucial Conversations"

Led by Rev. Jen Logsdon-Kellogg

God-honoring Relationships are mutually beneficial and edifying to all involved, and are centered around Christ. They build unity and community which is based on real, authentic shared conversations and experiences. It is tempting to avoid difficult conversations, especially with the people we are closest to. However, failure to engage in “Crucial Conversations:” when we disagree, when emotions are raw, and when the stakes are high, is not honoring to God and is harmful to our relationships with others. This study provides practical guidance to recognize those crucial conversations that are needed, and to engage in them effectively so that our relationships will be strengthened.

The book, Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High (2nd Edition) by Kerry Patterson and Joseph Grenny, is required for the class.

If you are interested in one of these classes, please complete the form by clicking the button below, sign up in the Narthex on Sunday mornings, or call Linda at the church office (755-9477).